Our Story

At LudusXR we specialize in developing computer games and digital tools for learning, education and training, particularly in ERASMUS+ / EU projects. Prior to establishing LudusXR, for the past 10 years, we have run an IT-department at the Resource Center for Integration, in Vejle Municipality, Denmark. Here we worked as Project Coordinators, Partners, developers, fundraisers, sales- & marketing departments and many other roles. In other words, we are the full package.

We are driven by values

Technology Evangelists with a massive interest creating digitized and gamified hybrid learning applications for all sectors that seek to combine state-of-the-art technology with state-of-the-art pedagogy.


We strive to keep open conversation with our clients as we believe this secures mutual trust between both parties.


We believe that an honest dialogue is the key to productivity and leads to a partnership where our clients feel safe.

Due Diligence

We are always on guard to ensure project development runs as smoothly as possible by creating awareness of issues before they become too great



As a long-time gamer, it has only been natural for me pursue a job where I could be a part of creating them! My experience with games started when I was not even 10 years old and at some point, it became my dream to make games myself. What moms call a waste of time; I call life-long research!
I graduated from Game College in Grenå 2014 and afterwards got an AP degree in multimedia design at UCL in Odense. At both places I tried incorporating games into my all projects. This granted me the opportunity to join the Resource Center for Integration within Vejle Municipality, first as an intern in 2017, later as an employee, where we developed games with a purpose until its closure in 2021– and now here we are!
I want to raise the bar for what kind of quality people can expect from educational games and I am driven by the fact that our products not only entertain but help various people around the


Strategic Advisor

Julia Castillo

Client Service