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Digital Natives for a Green Future

About Digital Natives

Digital Natives for a Green Future aims to modify education through digital solutions while addressing environmental concerns. With a focus on enhancing digital proficiency among educators and fostering environmental consciousness among students, our initiative aligns with the objectives outlined in the EU Circular Economy Action Plan and the EU Digital Education Action Plan.


  • Prepare a “digital game” for students to raise awareness about environmental issues and climate change.
  • Improve the digital skills of teachers within our partner organizations.
  • Enable students to understand environmental sustainability through interactive learning experiences.


  • Development of a “digital game” to increase environmental awareness among students.
  • Professional development of educators with tools for creating digital materials.
  • Strengthened institutional capacities in environmental management.
  • Tangible outcomes such as environmental clean-up events and increased awareness of European citizenship opportunities.

By leveraging digital tools to promote environmental stewardship, our project embodies a practical approach to education and sustainability.

Project Duration
36 months | September 2023 – August 2026

Meet The Partners

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