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Create Up

About Create Up

CreateUp empowers educators to equip creative adults with entrepreneurial skills for the cultural and creative industries.

By fostering employment and sustainable connections with employers, the project aims to reduce unemployment in these sectors.


  • Reduce the number of creative unemployed people in the society
  • Foster favourable ecosystems for cultural and creative industries, promoting access to finance, innovation capacity, fair remuneration of authors and creators and cross-sectoral cooperation
  • Promote the skills needed by cultural and creative sectors, including digital, entrepreneurial, traditional and specialised skills
  • Test an innovative mentoring programme for CCI employers on how to set-up and support high quality entrepreneurship opportunities with their limited resources
  • Have creative people in Europe can use to reinforce their creative competences under a perspective of entrepreneurship, that resizes and enhances their professional potential and their personal growth


For more details about the project background, visit the project website.

Project Duration
36 months | January 2022 – January 2024

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