Welcome to the Digital Mentor Power (DMP) Project!

At DMP, we are dedicated to improving the learning process in EU schools by empowering European teachers with enhanced digital skills and competences. Our main focus is the development of the innovative Digital Mentor Power Platform. Let us take you through what we aim to achieve:

  1. Digital Mentors: We identify and engage teachers who possess a diverse range of digital skills and expertise in utilizing various digital tools. These dedicated educators serve as Digital Mentors, sharing their knowledge and experiences with their peers.

  2. Pedagogical Experts: In parallel, we identify teachers who require digital training and support. These teachers, known as Pedagogical Experts, receive guidance and resources from their more experienced colleagues to enhance their digital proficiency and pedagogical methodologies.

By bridging the gap between Digital Mentors and Pedagogical Experts, we create a collaborative learning environment that fosters professional growth and facilitates the integration of digital technologies into classroom settings.

The Digital Mentor Power Platform serves as a central hub for our community of educators, offering a wide range of resources, interactive tools, and collaborative spaces. Through this platform, teachers can access training materials, engage in discussions, and exchange best practices to enhance their digital skills and enrich the learning experiences of their students.

Join us on this exciting journey as we empower teachers across Europe to embrace the potential of digital technologies in education. Together, we can create a transformative impact on the learning landscape and equip future generations with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

Ready to unlock the power of digital mentoring? Stay tuned for updates and explore the Digital Mentor Power Platform to embark on your professional development journey.


No matter how skilled you are at using ICT tools, this platform can make your teaching easier!


  • Identify your level of digital competence and find the tool you need.
  • Choose from practical examples, written instructions, video tutorial or contact an expert on this tool


  • Choose the tools you are good at.
  • Upload practical examples, written instructions, tutorial video or offer yourself as a digital mentor


  • Start a new thread explaining any problem/ achievement related to your teaching experience
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